My Story

I’ve dedicated my life to creating solutions that make transformation an attainable reality for everyone.

My name is Chris. Over the last 2 decades I’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people transform their lives. From my hit weight loss TV show, to my New York Times Best Selling books, to the creation of my company Transform - including The Transform App - I am relentlessly driven to empower others and create effective solutions for lifelong change. And quite frankly, I’m just getting started.

For 20 years, I have seen firsthand the heartbreaking struggles and pain so many deal with regarding their weight-related issues. And if you are struggling right now, I am so, so sorry. My mission is to eradicate obesity-related suffering from humanity, so that you never feel this pain again.

One thing I know for certain is this: You have the power within to transform. I know this with every ounce of my being, and I will show you how. Just bring an open mind and genuine desire for change, and I'll provide the tools, lifestyle solutions, and a reliable plan. Let’s do this together!

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